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My aim is to give students a rounded music education. I teach students to play piano from standard music notation but also to play by ear and to be creative with the musical skills they gain.

Lessons are focused around a foundational piano skills method. This helps students understand the basic building blocks of playing the piano and reading music. Lessons include creative exercises, reading music, techniques, rote playing (playing by copying), theory and sight reading exercises. 

Rote playing is an important part of the curriculum as students can play far more complicated pieces than they can read. These pieces serve to pique interest and motivate students while they are studying the simpler reading pieces and sight reading cards. These pieces are helpful to the development of a student’s musical understanding, ear training, memory training, and confidence.

The different pacing of various aspects of this piano method combine to foster confidence in both playing music and reading notation.


I also use audio tracks to allow students to hear the pieces before attempting to play the pieces. Knowing how a piece sounds makes it easier to learn. Students will have access to videos and audio tracks through the Student Resources section of the website.

At the end of each lesson, students choose a scented sticker. These are given for participation - students love to collect them on their folder.

You will be able to follow your child's learning and progress with the Progress, Skills and Technique document.

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